Probiotic and Gut Brain connection

Gut and brain connection is not new to us, but to what extent and how it affects all aspects of our wellbeing or illness that we succumb to is being explored constantly in science.

Gut brain connection is not only the connection of Vagus nerve to the brain, but the bacteria that live in gut, and how its various metabolic products affect brain is another powerful connection.

We note that depression is related to inflammation and genesis of inflammation, for the most part is in gut. The article mentions that we are not at this stage where we can treat depression with probiotics alone. I agree.
That is even more the reason to care for our microbiome in our GI tract. Our lifestyle choices, the food we eat, stress we carry, sedentary or active life we live, relations and community we keep, and allow are body and mind to rest does affect our microbiome. That in turn affects genesis of inflammation through our gut.
This article in Men’s health magazine caught my eyes.

Probiotic and gut brain connection-

Author: Rekha Shah

Dr Shah practices Functional & Integrative medicine. She is Board certified by American Board of Medical Specialists in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. She is also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

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