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Sent: Tuesday, July 4, 2017 7:15 PM
To: Rekha Shah
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I had my first appointment a couple months ago with Dr. Shah. It has been amazing. I have spent the last few years trying immune suppressant drugs, a lot of MRI testing, and too many trips to the neurologist. I was diagnosed with MS. I have always had problems with different autoimmune scenarios in my life and what I am doing now with Dr. Shah has helped me more than anything ever has.I know I still have a ways to go, but I feel better than I have in a long long time. I would highly recommend Dr. Shah and her practice of functional medicine to anyone wanting to get pointed in the right direction to getting healthy!


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  1. Ma Sol
    March 21, 2008
    To: Program Manager:
    Re: Dr. Rekha Shah
    -an Excellent Doctor I’m glad she’s part of my insurance plan.

    This is Mart Sol , I have been a patient of Dr. Shah’s for over a year for treatment of Hepatitis C. I hope
    you never know how I felt when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. However. during the treatment I counted
    my blessing daily that Or. Shah was taking care of me and readily available to answer any questions or
    concerns I might have. I felt that her main goal is to keep you healthy and bring your illness under controL
    My treatment has been long and it may even take longer, but I am not afraid of going back on medication
    because of the positive experience I had with Or. Shah and her staff during the last year. Any questions I had
    were usually answered immediately or within a couple of hours. I always felt that I was a very special patient
    (I’m sure she makes all her patients feel the same way) and that her and her staffs main goal was my well
    being. I have never had such an honest and open doctor in the past I know that if I need to go back on
    medication it will be another team effort to get my disease under control and my health back to nonnal. I am
    grateful to my primary care physician for referring me to her office.
    I’d also like to thank for choosing to have doctors on their referral list that are as dedicated and
    conscientious as Dr. Shah. A couple of items stand out during treatment
    • After my first weeks of treatment when it was clear that 1 needed additional medication to s1ay on my
    program she explained to me my options and then formed a cohesive relationship with my oncologist so
    that I could continue on medicine as needed to get me healthier. It was a bit of a struggle but I felt like
    she was right there beside me as I went through the treatment, and many blood tests. Overall it was a
    positive experience.
    • During the course of my treatment my father became very ill. l was very contemed about him and
    wanted to visit him in the hospital. Dr. Shah understood my concern, but also the dangers to me of
    going into a hospital with my weakened immune system. She gave me explicit instructions of what to do
    ff I really needed to go to the hospital. but said it was better if 1 did not Fortunately I did not need to visit
    my father in the hospital, but I now know what I need to do to protect myself if I am ever in this type of
    situation again.
    • During my treatment Dr. Shah has been open with me on my chances of bringing my Hep C under
    control and that we may need to explore additional treatment options – At my appointment last week Or.
    Shah told me about a conference she had attended and that she had had the opportunity to discuss my
    treatment with others about the best way to proceed. I am fortunate to have such a caring doctor that
    attends conferences and stays abreast of the latest developments in her field of medicine. I am
    confident that with her care I will one day be able to say that my Heo C is under control.
    In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for having such a wonderful doctor
    on vour olanl
    Cc: Arizona Medical Board

  2. Very personal care,and results of suggestions excellent.would always ask her about my health before going to any other specialist.

  3. Aug 13th, 2015
    she is stomach doctor but also functional medicine certified doctor .My problem was very complex and lot of symptoms but she was able to help me that I am able to work and enjoy my life once again. my family has me back.

  4. I came to Dr Shah with bloating, weight loss, insomnia, stomach ain andno energy. Dr Shah, unlike the previous 6 doctors I saw, diagnosed me with a sever case of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and IBS. Through treatment, I was able to get rid of the SIBO and with continued treatment, my energy is up, I have gained weight and am now able to do exercise on a daily bases.

    Dr Shah and I are still working on the IBS and insomnia through medication, supplements and diet. Though a slow process, I am making progress through Dr. Shah’s treatment plan.

  5. My first visit to Dr. Rekah Shah was March of 2014. I had been to allopathic gastroenterologists who couldn’t make a diagnosis and therefore couldn’t help me. I had lost a great deal of weight in a short time, could only eat a couple of foods and was extremely lathargic. I couldn’t leave my house. I felt like I was dying and I was desperate.

    My husband and I started researching and we knew to get help we would have to look beyond allopathic medicine. I found Dr. Shah and after our initial visit I knew I had chosen the right doctor. She listened to me for an hour and asked a myriad of questions. After many tests, she knew exactly what the diagnosis was. Dr. Shah told me she could help me and she was right up front in telling me that my treatment would take time.

    Dr. Shah is very professional in that her patients always come first. Out of her concern for me, she maintained contact with me between appointments to check on my progress or to make changes in my treatment if necessary. I felt I was respected because she always took the time to really hear me.

    It is now June of 2016. I am still working at getting to 100%, but I feel that Dr. Shah has given me back my life and I am so very grateful.

  6. -Rob in Scottsdale | Jun 19, 2016

    She practices integrative and functional medicine.I went with lot of food sensitivities and now six months down the line I am back to work and tolerate lot of food.I am once again alive.I have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone.

  7. I began seeing Dr Shah in November of 2014. At the time that I began seeing her I had been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was experiencing cluster headaches, severe, unexplained abdominal pain, fatigue, brain fog, an extensive and continually growing list of food sensitivities, chemical sensitivity and metal sensitivity. In an effort to combat the Hashimoto’s and the abdominal pain I had already gone strictly gluten free and was following an auto-immune protocol that eliminated all grains, dairy, soy, legumes, eggs, nightshades, nuts and seeds from my diet in the hopes of healing whatever gut permeability I might have had. I was feeling a little better but was still experiencing all of the health issues to some degree. Making things worse it seemed that even foods I thought were “safe” to eat I found I could no longer tolerate. When I found Dr Shah I was feeling depressed and felt that every diagnosis I found was taking more of myself away. I was losing ground in the battle for my health and didn’t see any way out. Nothing was getting better. In fact it was getting worse. I couldn’t watch a TV show and tell you the plot the next day. I couldn’t help my kids with their homework because 5th grade math was beyond my comprehension. I had debilitating cluster headaches. I couldn’t eat at other people’s houses, let alone at a restaurant, but that didn’t matter because I never knew when the painful stomach cramps would send me to bed at 5pm. Where to even start?
    Dr Shah takes a patient as a whole not as separate symptoms to alleviate. For her you have to peel away the layers one by one to get to the root of the problem, like an onion (as she’ll tell you). She ran an astounding array of tests not being content that the Hashimoto’s was to blame for most of the symptoms. Gut permeability – negative, thanks to the diet. CIBO – negative. Ok – add back in ancient grains and eliminate fruit from the diet for the abdominal issues as well as a digestive enzyme. Add probiotics for a while, kill them off for a while, add them back in. I haven’t had abdominal pain in months. And the rest? Turns out my MFTHR gene doesn’t work correctly. Which means my body can’t detox correctly. To combat the headaches she added in several detoxifying supplements and they mostly went away. But she still wasn’t satisfied because I still wasn’t better. More tests, more supplements and searching for what was missing. Ultimately it turned out that her original gut instinct was correct – I had heavy metal poisoning. Lead, mercury, aluminum and antimony to be specific. So, 10 months after I starting seeing her I started chelation treatments. I am currently on treatment number 19 of 24. And I know I can do the rest. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel. I didn’t realize how far I had come until I started to write this. I should also point out that Dr Shah is the only doctor I see. I don’t take any prescription medication. Currently my Hashimoto’s is in remission, my cholesterol has gone down and my white blood cell count is up. My cluster headaches are gone. The occasional headaches are far and few. I can stand to touch metal again. I can smell chemical cleaners and perfumes without instantly getting a headache or nausea. I have successfully added nightshades, egg yolk, nuts, seeds, some legumes and some dairy back into my diet. The brain fog has lifted and I can do 6th grade math homework! The light has come back into my eyes and I am not a shadow of myself any longer. I can enjoy my family and friends again. I know this will be a lifelong journey but I feel like I have a grip on my life and my health again.

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